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Shaykh Abdur Raheem 

Shaykh Abdur Raheem was born in Perth and raised in a religious roman catholic household from a mixed heritage. At the tender age of 16 he embraced Islam in 1994 thereafter travelling extensively around the world to experience how Muslims live and practice their faith. Gaining valuable lessons and experience during his travels. Being drawn to learning more about Islam and it’s sciences Shaykh Abdur Raheem started his formal learning in 2012. Shaykh Abdur Raheem after studying at various institutes over a period of 10 years holds a Degree in Islamic studies and graduated from Kashif Ul Uloom Seminary in Melbourne Victoria. Shaykh Abdur Raheem is the founder of Daar al Hikmah Adult Academy and currently serving as the Imam of AUSLAM WA INC (Beaufort Park Musallah) and a Quran and Islamic studies teacher at AIC College. He also serves as the religious advisor and instructor at Al – Rafeeq and is a registered marriage celebrant and minister of religion. Shaykh Abdur Raheem is happily married with four children and enjoys the outdoors, bike riding and coffee. Being a convert, he has invaluable experience of the journey of new Muslims and is passionate about providing education and assistance to those who are new and old to the faith.